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  • [Rogue - Stealth/Vanish]

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      Version: 0.19 Milestone: 21 Priority: Normal
      Implemented Version: 0.20

    [Rogue - Stealth/Vanish]

    By ScullyNY:

    Pets..Waterelementar or what ever dont stop cast when rogue use vanish!

    Found this video for a Demo:


    Patch from "mangos-one" Repo / don't work.

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    Hi, i would like to contribute, it may help, maybe not.


    [QUOTE] [LIST]
    [*]You perform Vanish but still the enemy is able to hit you even if you aren't effected by DoT
    [*] You perform Vanish while a pet is chasing you and still it's able to follow/attack you
    [*] You perform Vanish and mobs keep on attacking you even if you aren't effected by DoT
    [*] You perform Vanish while being in Stealth mode and Vanish breaks Stealth
    [*] You perform Vanish both in a desert (no other players/mobs are near you) and/or not desert area and suddenly you lose both Vanish and Stealth status

    Thought maybe this can help, perhaps having similarities in finding bug.

    Also for Stealth, when the rogue enters Stealth WHILE the enemy is casting, the Spell should not break. It should only break when the spell is cast to 100%.
    I post a video you have to go to 12:30 timestamp:

    (if you cant access the video try "Niar - Feel The Pain Volume 2 - Halloween Madness - 60 Night Elf Rogue PVP" on youtube.)

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