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  • Startup Error - CreatureEventAI Scripts

    • Status: Completed
      Main Category: Database
      Sub-Category: NPC
      Version: 21.14 Milestone: 21 Priority: Normal
      Implemented Version: 21.14
      Assigned: Necrovoice
    11:37:18 Loading CreatureEventAI Scripts...
    =11:37:18 Event 1690505 Action 1. Cannot set instance data without difficulty event flags.
    11:37:18 Creature 16905 are using percentage event(1690504) with param1 <= param2 (MaxPercent <= MinPercent). Event will never trigger!
    11:37:18 Creature 16905 has param3 and param4=0 (RepeatMin/RepeatMax) but can not be repeatable without timers. Removing EFLAG_REPEATABLE for event 1690504.
    11:37:18 Event 1690504 Action 1 is incrementing phase by 0. Was this intended?
    11:37:18 Event 1696401 Action 1 currently unused ACTION type. Did you forget to update database?
    11:37:18 Event 2022701 Action 1 uses incorrect Target type


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    I did a clean test of this and it loaded cleanly, I also took MadMax's database dump and loaded it onto my server and it still loaded cleanly.

    This does kind of  indicate that it's not the database at fault, but rather the set up of the server itself !
    - Investigations are ongoing

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    Exactly this bit on CreatureEventAI is shown in the logs (both console and world-server.log) with all default mangosd.conf settings. To get others, I suppose, you need to request more detailed logging in the config.

    I tested it on a Win32 clean build with DB set up via InstallDatabases.bat. Just checked that the latest DB updates were installed too.

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