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  • Things not despawning...

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    Things not despawning...

    Alright, here's another issue I did not have pre-R19. Corpses do not disappear when skinned. On top of that, emptying a chest does not cause it to despawn and ti can be interacted with repeatedly, though no new loot is given. This is server-wide and did not happen on my last build.

    Look, I'm just going to come out and say it. I am finding loads of new issues. Things we did not have problems with prior to LUA being added. Is LUA tied into these systems? If so, remove it. I have many other issues I did not have prior to R19 as well, but I need to continue attempting to reproduce them before reporting them. I'm not trying to be hard to get along with here, but from my point of view, we had a lot of things working well, we added LUA, and now we have all kinds of new problems. If LUA is not tied into the systems causing these issues, that is fine and I am off-base, but we need to figure out what broke so horribly in R19 and roll it back.

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