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  • Food : Sagefishes not restore health

    • Status: Confirmed
      Main Category: Core / Mangos Daemon
      Sub-Category: Item
      Version: 21.14 Milestone: Unset Priority: New
      Implemented Version: Unset

    db_structure: rel21_16_37
    Tested on:
    Raw Sagefish (id=21071)
    Smoked Sagefish (id=21072)
    Raw Greater Sagefigh (id=21153)
    Sagefish Delight (id=21217)

    There is a problem with all of them.
    No health restored.
    They should restore players health and mana (stated in description), but they provide only mana restore buff "Brain food" according to the buff's  description (I tested capabilities to restore health the same time (after falling for example in the vid -- no health restored)).

    I attached a vid as a proof. 

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    The 2 spells of health and mana restoration are triggerred by 2 spelleffects. Evidently, the later overrides the former one, this way restoring HP aura gets dropped. The false positive check of aura inconsistency is traced to be in


    The closest TC equivalent is Aura::CanStackWith(. The lot of exclusions is moved there to the DB (spell_group mechanic), and we find that the Mangos check

        // more generic checks
        if (spellInfo_1->SpellIconID == spellInfo_2->SpellIconID &&
            spellInfo_1->SpellIconID != 0 && spellInfo_2->SpellIconID != 0)

    is far outdated and too restrictive. Not that I have an idea of a correct fix beyond porting the whole TC mechanic. However it would be simple to add an exception above (the both SPELLFAMILY_GENERIC and either SpellIconID=1778 or for 2 sets of restoration auras) with the later solution looking a bit cleaner.

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