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  • where is Stitches

    • Status: Confirmed
      Main Category: Script (Eluna / SD3)
      Sub-Category: sd2
      Version: 21 Milestone: 22 Priority: High
      Implemented Version: 0.20

    where is Stitches

    Prior to Patch 4.0.3, Stitches was spawned behind Abercrombie's shack, northeast of the Raven Hill Cemetery, after completing A [30] Translation to Ello. Stitches would then patrol down the road through Duskwood to Darkshire. This triggered an event, spawning two sets of Night Watch guards to defend the road to Darkshire, one at the camp across from the Vul'Gol Ogre Mound, and another outside of The Rotting Orchard. Without player aid, Stitches would decimate both sets of guards, and continue to Darkshire. It was highly common for players to die to Stitches, due to him being an Elite Level 35 mob in an at the time Level 18-30 zone.

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    This should be under scripts, although it will also involve the database (e.g. Stitches' movement).

    This is also being looked at under Zero:

    This could be quite involved, coding wise, but fun, I reckon.

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    The big problem was that only grids stay loaded. Back in the day I seem to recall entire zones being loaded. Without the zone loaded, stitches cannot spawn or walk to Darkshire. As in the other thread, I would LOVE a configuration option which would allow an admin to set a flag which keeps any zone with a player in it fully loaded, all grids, etc. This way if I am playing in Duskwood, the entire zone is loaded and all quests work. This would probably take a bit of work though.

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