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  • Concise list of current Mage bugs

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    Concise list of current Mage bugs

    All credits to Monet for drawing up this list.

    Below is a list of issues I've found while leveling a frost mage from 1 to 60. All of these issues have been reported on bug tracker, either by myself or by others in the past, but I felt it was worth bringing it to everyone's attention, so that we don't have to read in World chat for the 56th time about sheep being weird. Also tbh, I feel like my bug reports are being sent into some black hole right now.
    NOTE: In no way am I saying the class is unplayable. We already have 3 relative newcomers to the server who managed to race ahead to 60 - obviously the class is playable. But if this server wants to attract and retain new players, I feel like some of these bugs need to be prioritized. Even as a beta, first impressions are critical.

    1. Polymorph. Enough words have been spilled over this. It's still not perfect. It remains a priority. For those living in a cave outside of World Chat, basically a sheeped mob occasionally is still able to run up to your character and kill you. In sheep form. It was initially proposed that this was confined to lower levels, but upon reaching 60 and farming Tyr's Hand, I can definitely conclude that it is NOT just a low level issue.

    2. Frost Nova. When you hit a mob with frost nova, and it does damage to the mob, the mob should be rooted. End of story. On this server, right now, this mechanic fails roughly 10% of the time. This is NOT a resist issue. This bug goes from minor annoyance at lower levels to becoming incredibly "RIP"-y at higher levels when you are trying to manage huge AoE pulls. While this doesn't make AoE farming completely impossible, it presents a major issue that I have never seen on any other server.

    3. Daze. This isn't limited to mage per se, but it probably affects mages the most. Basically, if you have ice barrier up, and a mob hits you, and the damage is completely absorbed, you should NOT have a chance to be dazed. Right now, any absorbed damage is capable of dazing you.

    4. Clearcasting. This issue probably hasn't been noticed by many, and in the grand scheme, is relatively minor. Still annoying though, as it is robbing you of clearcasting procs without your realizing it. It's hard to describe the problem without using an example. Chain cast frostbolt repeatedly at a mob. 1 - you hit mob with frostbolt, it procs clearcasting as you are in the middle of casting your second frostbolt. 2 - your second frostbolt is cast, but it is NOT free. 3 - your THIRD frostbolt is free, but only if you were chain casting. If you, for whatever reason, delay casting this 3rd frostbolt, then this FB also costs mana. So basically in that situation you have completely lost out on a clearcasting proc. What SHOULD be happening in the above example is your second frostbolt, the one you were already casting when clearcasting proc'd, should be free. Sorry for the convoluted explanation, but trust me, there is an issue here.

    5. Chill debuffs. This probably ends up helping mages more than hurting, so I'm listing it near the bottom. Basically, in retail vanilla, a lesser chill debuff could not over-ride a greater chill debuff. As an example, frostbolt, which is 40% movement speed reduction, should not over-ride cone of cold, which is a 50% movement speed reduction. Similarly, 3/3 improved blizzard, which is 60% reduction, should not be over-ridden by cone of cold. By not having to worry about it, it helps mages keep mobs chilled indefinitely. Where there used to be a debate about only going 2/3 improved blizzard, currently there really is no reason not to just go 3/3 improved blizzard.

    6. General patching/evade bugs. This is not a mage specific issue. But it's worth mentioning that pathing is still imperfect. And mobs will evade out of the blue, despite being on open ground not too far away from spawn point.

    If anyone has other mage-specific issues, feel free to reply to this post with your own sob stories. I'm particularly interested if anybody has tried to level as fire spec, and if there are any issues related specifically to fire talents. You can find me in game on Monet (Alliance). Thanks.

    EDIT 4/26: Forgot to add for #4 that wanding actually procs clearcasting, which shouldn't happen. I doubt many mages are complaining about that one, though.

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    @magic - thank you for your report. While issues #1 and #2 were solved, due to their severity, the rest of them are somehow new (at least for me) and we'll take great care to fix them as soon as possible.

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    Mobs are also somehow resisting the mage debuffs which make them weak to frost. This is the "Elemental Precision" talent. In the combat log it logs "Mob resisted you elemental weakness". I have also had "Winter's Chill" resisted in the past, but have not checked in the recent month or two.

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