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  • Kodo mounts also lack sound

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      Implemented Version: 0.20

    Kodo mounts also lack sound

    Same issue, the only sound playing is the mounting one. No 'special animation' sound when pressing space, no footsteps sound.
    If later on i find out it's more/all of the mounts, will come back and edit this.

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    I believe sounds were added in BC. I say this because I seem to recall the Zulian tiger being special because it roared. I do not remember kodos having sounds in 1.12. Can you find video proof of this from 1.12? How about anything from 1.12 stating mounts had sounds?

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    I do not know what you remember, and whether something can only be classified as valid if and only if -you- happen to remember it being so.
    Mounts did have sound and animation specials sound way, way before TBC. Even my ivory raptor had sound, and that was out of the game before we even got to T3 :)

    What -is- the case is that later on their sound improved in quality. It coincided with the change from .ogg to .mp3s in the sound files, due to the original size becoming restrictive. Happy? :)

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