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  • Rain visuals lakcing, fishing not working properly

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      Main Category: Database
      Sub-Category: Spell
      Version: 2.0.11 Milestone: 20 Priority: Normal
      Implemented Version: 0.20

    Rain visuals lakcing, fishing not working properly

    For starters, up to now i was posting what bugs i found in our covenant-wow thread, leaving MadMax to copy pasting..oops..:)
    So my apologies if this is the wrong section, first time posting and am not IT savvy, so no clue if it's 'database', 'scripts' or whatever. But feel free to instruct me!

    Now to the point;

    1) Used to be your previous zero release handled ingame rain visuals just fine, however logging back in today i notice that when rain "starts", i get the audio part of it playing proper, but no visual changes. The environment remains exactly as it was prior to raining.
    [nothing has changed on my side since/after this worked properly]

    2) Fishing works dandy until you really have a go at it, doing it straight on for 20, 30 or more catches, continuously. You do that, it starts bugging:
    - at some point, your bobber moves, only when you click it instead of catching fish/losing fish, you are told "no fish was hooked"
    - the bobber remains visible and does not despawn (this very bobber you just clicked which behaved as above)
    - you try doing a new fishing straight after this, you'll find that you can't, as client thinks you are already fishing..you give it a few seconds and wait on it, this same bobber still visible discussed above will start to move on its own, as if someone is activating it, and you will once again get the message "no fish was caught"

    After that, you can resume fishing properly. Could reproduce this just fine, did it plenty of times. UC inner ring, the goo river there. Yummy

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    I do not know what build it is, nor how one goes about finding that out :)
    I am using/running/playing (what's the collocation?) the build used in covenant-wow.com

    Managed to do the fishing thing again, dif char, same location, just a couple of hours ago. Might be because of the current lag issues in our server?
    As far as the rain is concerned, don't know what to tell you, have seen rain since myself..if this ever happens again, will make sure i let you know

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