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  • Warlock: No single DoT is benefiting from spelldamage

    • Status: devacknowledged
      Main Category: Core / Mangos Daemon
      Sub-Category: classblocker
      Version: 21.0 Milestone: 20 Priority: Urgent
      Implemented Version: 0.20

    Warlock: No single DoT is benefiting from spelldamage

    Currently no DoT from warlocks are benefiting from spelldamage. I already checked the spell_bonus_data table and there is a coefficient which doesn't seem to work. Even if I set the DoT coefficient from the spell Corruption to 10, its still doing the same damage.
    This is pretty much breaking the warlock class.

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    cabbie (are you btw?) can you do me a favour?

    since you are running vanilla, go download Theorycraft, ingame press /tc
    window that pops up has three tabs, go to middle one, look to your right, has a couple of boxes in regards to spell coefficients. Activate everything related and come back with some numbers?

    just plain curiosity, assuming you'd indulge me that is :s

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    Would like to add a picture, but it seems not to be possible at the momemt.
    So I will write down, what TC spit out on my tooltip for corruption:

    Base + Dam: 301
    + Dam Coefficient: 100.0%
    + Dam Efficiency: 19,4%
    Final +Dam: 301
    DPM: 3.61

    It's doing 111 dmg per tick naked.
    And doing 124 dmg per tick with 301 +spelldamage

    Curse of Agony is not affected by any spelldmg. It starts to tick with 43 both, naked and 301 +spelldmg

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    I am 100000000000% clueless in scripts, C++, minus, divination, be it entrails or fish guts and anything programming related, but i think we just found out what the problem is not! :)

    What you see in what you are posting is:

    1) the damage ---before--- ANY coefficients are taken into consideration+applied, it being 310
    2) the coefficient to be applied in said value, in your case again 100%
    3) the end result which should have been a value of 310 to determine your damage output for said spell.

    Looks ok..

    edit: Did the math wrong in original post, ammended it! lol

    Look at mine:

    DPS from +dam: 33,9 (39,4%)
    Average Hit: 2066
    Base + Dam: 740
    +Dam Coefficient: 110%
    Final +Dam: 814

    ie that 100% in your case or 110 in mine is not an additive, but a multiplicative

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