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  • Item has been looted bug

    • Status: Confirmed
      Main Category: Core / Mangos Daemon
      Sub-Category: Looting
      Version: 21.14 Milestone: 21 Priority: High
      Implemented Version: 0.18

    After receiving all items for a collection quest with other players in a group the other players are not able to loot the item as it says "Item is already looted" however the person that does not need the item cannot see it

    loot was set to FFA



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    Updating with more info + reproduction steps:

    This issue seems to be far more wide ranging than the original report, and is present regardless of the Loot mode (eg, Need before Greed, Free for All), and is in fact reproducible when not in a group.

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Kill a mob

    2. Open the loot window, if there are 3+ items of loot take the top one

    3. Close the loot window, then reopen it

    4. Attempt to loot the item at the top: "Item is already looted"

    5. Attempt to loot the second item in the list: Success


    The issue appears to be that for each mob each position in the loot window can only be looted once. Therefore once item at position 1 has been looted reopening the loot window reorders the items and it can't be looted again.


    While solo this isn't really an issue - just loot from the bottom up

    In a group this is a major issue with FFA loot, and more importantly with Quest Items which are largely un-lootable

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    This bug also exists when looting chests of all kinds (chests, crates, etc.) You can be grouped or solo to reproduce this.

    1. Start looting a chest and let the loot window open
    2. Take any 1 item
    3. Close the loot window, jump, or move (just close the window)
    4. When you attempt to recover the items, you will get the "Already looted" error
    5. The item you are trying to loot may display a different icon when you close and re-open the chest

    I did not test all loot slots as in a situation where there are 2-3 pages of loot, but it appears to be any item you take will work. The loot type does not seem to matter, and the source of the loot window does not seem to matter (mobs, chests, crates and so on all work the same). I have NOT tested resource nodes yet but will edit this when I do. I was also able to bug my loot entirely by jumping and moving forward with the loot window open, but this is not a 100% occurrence (I had to delete WTF and WDB to fix the issue). Being feared away from a loot source will also cause this bug if you have taken an item from the chest. Shift+click (autoloot all items) normally as long as you have not bugged the chest first.


    There is something else I wanted to add, but I will edit it in after more testing. This bug may also be in Mangos 1 and 2.

    Edited by Akar
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    4 hours ago, Olion said:


    I apologize for the bug I've introduced here about 2 months ago. The slot ID issue is gone with this revert, but quest loot from the original report is to be tested still.

    It should not be relevant for other cores.

    Indeed you are correct. I was unable to reproduce this bug or anything like it in M1 or M2. :D

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