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MaNGOS zero build failed during installation



Hello everyone,

I'm interested in this project and how it works, so I tried installing MaNGOS Zero on my Debian laptop. I'm running Debian Testing (Stretch at the moment then).

I had an issue during the build process where I have a compile error.

I have clang 3.8.1 and I'm linking a screenshot of the issue.

What do you think is causing this and how would I fix this ? Is it because of a wrong clang version due to running Stretch and not Jessie ?

Capture d'écran de 2017-04-28 16-22-04.png

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I have the following version : OpenSSL 1.1.0e  16 Feb 2017

Is it the right version ? Could it be that causing the build failure ?


EDIT: Oh I get it. This issue explained it. Debian Stretch uses 


and with 1.1.0 you can't declare this type like that. So I went back to Jessie's version of the library and it compiled fine.

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