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Ubuntu 16.04 zero aiplayerbots



My install went fine but I am having trouble getting the player bots to activate. the AHbot runs great with the .conf file in the /home/mangos/zero/etc folder. I tried to do the same with player bots but no luck. I then tried to follow instructions from @antz in another thread to place the .conf file in with mangosd, which is in the /home/mangos/zero/bin folder on Ubuntu 16.04.

I did a search through my files and I have two 'Bots' folders located at the following:

/home/mangos/zero/src/server/src/modules which contains the playerbot folder with aiplayerbot.conf.dist.in in it


/home/mangos/zero/src/server/linux/src/modules which contains aiplayerbot.conf.dist


I have tried renaming the files, placing them in the /zero/bin and /zero/etc folders, or just renaming them in their current directories and none of it seems to make any difference. I ran the cmake .. -DPLAYERBOTS=1 and it went through the process. All the files have the bots as enable and I deleted the extras I had made. I am kind of at a loss for ideas at the moment.

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I did that, but for some reason I can't use the bots in game. When I use commands like ".bot add BOTNAME' I get a return "command not found."

I think that even though I ran Cmake with the option, in the folder with playerbot info, something went wrong. I looked at the logs but there is no error message and they were build. I guess it isn't super important. I will try again when I get a bit more free time today.

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Not yet, I am trying to see if I can retroactively get it right first. I do have a question though.

If I do a fresh install, would I just edit the getmangos.sh at Line 854?

That way, before running the set up, it has the option build into the script. I guess it would look like the following with the playerbots command added to the end of the line:


If that looks okay, tonight I will try to make a pull request and edit getmangos.sh to push back to the repo.

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Hey Akar,

No, it's a bit more complex than that, if you do what you suggest, player bots will always be compiled :)

1) You need to add a new global variable to handle end-user choice: https://github.com/mangoszero/server/blob/master/linux/getmangos.sh#L39


2) You need to propose the choice to the end-user by adding a new option to this method: https://github.com/mangoszero/server/blob/master/linux/getmangos.sh#L730

# Select build options
  OPTIONS=$($DLGAPP --backtitle "MaNGOS Linux Build Configuration" \
    --title "Build Options" \
    --checklist "Please select your build options" 0 56 7 \
    1 "Enable Debug" Off \
    2 "Use Standard Malloc" On \
    3 "Use External ACE Libraries" On \
    4 "Use PostgreSQL Instead Of MySQL/MariaDB" Off \
    5 "Build Client Tools" Off \
    6 "Use SD3" On \
    7 "Use Eluna" On \
    8 "Use SOAP" Off \
    9 "Use Player Bot" Off \
    3>&2 2>&1 1>&3)

3) You need to handle this in the if-else sequence: https://github.com/mangoszero/server/blob/master/linux/getmangos.sh#L806

  # See if Player Bots will be used
  if [[ $OPTIONS == *9* ]]; then

4) Finally, you can update the cmake option: https://github.com/mangoszero/server/blob/master/linux/getmangos.sh#L854



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Oh duh... I probably shouldn't be playing with Mangos while tired! Haha

I managed to compile the playerbots (and had to manually re-apply all my DB updates ¬¬). However, no matter what I change the .conf file to, the bots just spam the server into oblivion and knock it offline. It generates an endless amount of random bot accounts. I have decided to just disable it for now as it is too much of a headache to mess with at the moment.

After I get some rest, I can make the changes for the getmangos.sh file, if you haven't beaten me to it.

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