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Error in lua


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I am using MangosOne x64 and i get this error: 


-- simple world chat WITHOUT the '#chat' command...WTF you say?
-- just change chat channels to world channel and chat away.
-- names are clickable for whispers and sub menu.
local on = "#chat on"
local off = "#chat off"
local Team =  {
    [0] = "[|TInterface\\icons\\Inv_Misc_Tournaments_banner_Human.png:13|t]",
    [1] = "[|TInterface\\icons\\Inv_Misc_Tournaments_banner_Orc.png:13|t]"
local Class = { 
    [1] = "[|TInterface\\icons\\INV_Sword_27.png:13|t]",
        [2] = "[|TInterface\\icons\\INV_Hammer_01.png:13|t]",
        [3] = "[|TInterface\\icons\\INV_Weapon_Bow_07.png:13|t]",
        [4] = "[|TInterface\\icons\\INV_ThrowingKnife_04.png:13|t]",
        [5] = "[|TInterface\\icons\\INV_Staff_30.png:13|t",
        [6] = "[|TInterface\\icons\\Spell_Deathknight_ClassIcon.png:13|t]",
        [7] = "[|TInterface\\icons\\inv_jewelry_talisman_04.png:13|t]",
        [8] = "[|TInterface\\icons\\INV_Staff_30.png:13|t]",
        [9] = "[|TInterface\\icons\\INV_Staff_30.png:13|t]",
        [11] = "[|TInterface\\icons\\Ability_Druid_Maul.png:13|t]",
local Gmrank = {
    [0] = "|cff00ffff[Player]|r",
    [1] = "[|TINTERFACE/CHATFRAME/UI-CHATICON-BLIZZ:13:13:0:-1|t]|cffff0000[GM1]|r",
    [2] = "|TINTERFACE/CHATFRAME/UI-CHATICON-BLIZZ:13:13:0:-1|t|cffff0000[GM2]|r",
    [3] = "|TINTERFACE/CHATFRAME/UI-CHATICON-BLIZZ:13:13:0:-1|t|cffff0000[GM3]|r",
    [4] = "|TINTERFACE/CHATFRAME/UI-CHATICON-BLIZZ:13:13:0:-1|t|cff7f00ff[LEAD GM]|r",
    [5] = "[|TINTERFACE/CHATFRAME/UI-CHATICON-BLIZZ:13:13:0:-1|t][|cff999999ADMIN|r]"
function ChatSystem(event, player, msg, type, lang, channel)

    if(msg ~= "")then
        if(msg ~= "Away")then
            local acctid = player:GetAccountId()

                if(msg == off)then
                    ACCT[acctid].chat = 0
                    player:SendBroadcastMessage("|cff3399ffWorld chat off.|r")
                return false;
                if(msg == on)then
                    ACCT[acctid].chat = 1
                        player:SendBroadcastMessage("|cff3399ffWorld chat on.|r")
                    return false;
                if(ACCT[player:GetAccountId()].chat == 1)and(msg ~= ACCT["SERVER"].Commands)then -- 0 = world chat off :: 1 = world chat on
                    local Viprank = "[|cff3399ffVIP"..ACCT[player:GetAccountId()].Vip.."|r]";
                    local t = table.concat{Team[player:GetTeam()], Class[player:GetClass()], Gmrank[player:GetGMRank()], Viprank, "[|cff3399ff","|Hplayer:", player:GetName(),  "|h", player:GetName(), "|h", "|r]:|cff00cc00",  msg};
                return false;

RegisterPlayerEvent(18, ChatSystem)

function VIP_Wchat_comm(event, player, message, type, language)
    if(message:lower() == ACCT["SERVER"].Commands) then
         player:SendBroadcastMessage("|cff00cc00World Chat System:|r")
         player:SendBroadcastMessage("-->/say "..on.."|cff00cc00 to turn on the world chat.|r")
         player:SendBroadcastMessage("-->|cff00cc00Then just chat away on `/say` channel.|r")
        player:SendBroadcastMessage("-->/say "..off.."|cff00cc00 to turn off the world chat.|r")

RegisterPlayerEvent(18, VIP_Wchat_comm)

print("Grumbo'z VIP World Chat loaded.")

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The script has some problems. For example if your logon/auth database is named something else than auth then it will crash.
Also it uses world DB connection for auth DB.

But if you happen to have the correct DB name then it should work fine.
What I suspect is that when you got the screenshot you are showing us you were not using VIP_1_Core.ext and if you are now using it then you are likely having a different error than what the image shows.

Other issues might be that the .ext file is not loaded by the core for some reason.
When you start up or reload eluna it should tell you how many scripts were loaded. Make sure that the count matches the file count in your lua_scripts folder and check that the .ext files are actually loaded for example by adding print("test") at the top of it and see console after doing .reload eluna

Try having only VIP_1_Core.ext and VIP_world_chat.lua in your scripts folder with those names and see if that works.

Check these things and possibly provide more information if possible in case you cannot solve this.

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