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Well I managed to fix that problem, I had to go into the dbc and change the required level. So I did manage to find it atleast. Althow now the issue I have thats similar is that almost all the pets I tame don't come with their basic abilities claw bite ect. So im assuming im going to hafto manually add those to all the pets or something?

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To my knowledge. there is no such data in the DB, though I cannot point to their location atm. Part of the data is in CreatureSpellData.dbc referred by `creature_template`.`PetSpellDataId`, the other one may be hardcoded in the core, rather as a formula.

However we have to keep in mind that in 3.0 the pet system was rewritten largely by the blizz. In the TBC, iirc, the new pet can teach the hunter a new spell, then the hunter may teach other his pets the spell. Since that, the spell leveling starts. See "Combat pets" and "Hunter pets" pages (with history) at the wowwiki.

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