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Missing Character Inventory



So basically im setting up a test server for Mangos2. I imported all my accounts and characters ect from mangos1. When I check the DB it shows all the items moved over to character inventory. But when I login with a character they have no items on them at all and the item entry's in the DB disappear aswell. So is there something im forgetting to transfer or are the old item character items not compatiblie?

On a side note, they both have the exact same table setup. So it make's no sense to me why all the items on the character pop when they are logged in. If anybody has any kind of idea id appreciate it. I'll try anything no matter how crazy lol

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The same table layout does not necessarily mean the table containing identical data. You readily find this while comparing the item prototype descriptions in One and Two. Your best chance is to use GM command "pdump" with the load/write parameter, though you have no guarantee with this also. The server does starting cleanup, deleting entries it cannot parse correctly; it's where your DB entries were gone.

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