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Pet wild tamed skills



I've been trying to figure this out and i'm not sure on how to proceed. But basically most of the pets in the world are missing their inherited base abilities, claw, bite, cower...ect

I can confirm this was fixed mangostwo.

But I would like to figure out what action I would need to take to give all cats claw, all bears bite ect.

if there is some kind of syntax I can put in to give them all that ability by default without having to manually do every single spawn that would be great.

I noticed the creatures are classified in the DB as a creature type so theoretically I could give all type 8=x skill ect.

Any help would be appreciated....or am I screwed lol. 

In the screenshot you can see that I did get growl from the trainer but...He is missing claw and pin as his default skills. The pets do work but kinda kills your DPS when they dont have anyway to spend energy.


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Before trying any changes on pre-WotLK hunter pets, study this carefully, paying the most attention to the history. If I understood correctly, in vanilla and TBC the newly tamed pet must have just a single spell corresponding to the pet creature type. Any other spell the pet must be taught, which is possible if only the hunter knows these other spells. The hunter learns pet spells permanently when taming other type pets.

Please do not try to blindly transfer the 12340 build pet mechanics to the older cores. To me, the best thing to start is creating a detailed decription of the pre-WotLK pet mechanics basing on several info sources including wowwiki.

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