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WOTLK looting issue



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This issue has already been reported in the Bug tracker.  However it needs a complete list of features that are wrong with a comparison list of how it should work.

Example(i honestly dont know if this is correct, why im using it as an example. Haha)

- Mining in a group currently counts as loot //  mining should count as player loot when grouped

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as far as I can tell, when a group kills a minion, everyone can loot it in a free for all.

it worked perfectly in MangosOne. (well... 95% correct, mangos one had a loot bug where greens from chests didnt get rolled on)

even quest items, everyone can see and loot it.

it should take turns in the group.



as a side note, i tried navigating the bug tracker, couldnt find anything, hard to navigate.

and everything seemed so old.





also. there seems to be 2 of every minion in some areas.


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