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Pushing client patches



I've installed the MaNGOS Two server and it's working great. Some of my friend already play on it.

Now i want to setup that, if one of the friends, doesn't have the right patches version of wow, the patches are download from my private server (the ManGOS Two) and installed automaticly.

I can't find a guide/threath on this matter so i hope one of you can explain how to archive this?


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The facility is there to allow users to patch their version of the game using official patches to the version required by the various mangos cores, but downloading them from the server rather than from blizz (which will normally try and patch you straight to the latest version)

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Hi Lenwe,
theorically you shouldn't distribute any patches of WoW because it's not compliant to Blizzard policy.
You should use your own copy of the game to test your Mangos two server, but not share it.
MaNGOS is a learning project and as far as i know doesn't provide a Patch Download module, probably @antz know better than me.

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The patch download facility is built into Mangos, you will have to search through old posts to see exactly how to use it as it's been a long long time.

Technically are not breaking any of blizz's rules as long as the following is followed:

1) The patch is an official blizz patch unmodified in any way
2) All settings for the patches are as blizz intended and are not modified.

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