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Installing multiple MaNGOS versions



I remember there was a thread some place that talked about this. I searched but didn't see it and I don't really recall the title.

Anyway, I was wondering what steps are needed to use multiple MaNGOS versions within a single tet environment. My test box is linux, and I would like to use zero, one, and two. I think I recall @antz mentioning the need to run the install script multiple times to pull the desired repos, but I really don't remember that well.

Any guidance would be much appreciated. :)

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25 minutes ago, madmax said:

The client gets the servers port from the realmlist. So you can set servers to be all running on the same IP/Server and use different mangos ports that way.


You'd have to update all the ports in the conf so they don't clash and rename all the db's before building each one except for the realmlist, am I correct? (This is a lot more work than the VM :D).

Also, does anyone know if the database setup for realmd works with more than one ID?  I'm sure it can read a list of many of them, but does the install script go "OK, there is one here so add one?" or does it mindlessly over-write the first ID? :D

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I don't think this would be possible unless you do something sophisticated because all WoW servers listen on the same ports and there is no way to tell the client to use another one. BUT, you could hack this... Run multiple instances in different virtual machines (product like vSphere, it's free) installed bare-metal and then assign different IP's to each virtual machine. This essentially means you run one server for each 'expansion' in VM and each has a different IP on its network card. Other than that, no way to do this because multiple mangos will eat each others databases, ports, characters, etc. I'm unsure of the account expansion setting as well, but I think it wouldn't work right either. (You could possibly hack and rename every single database, but it's actually easier to run them in the VM in the first place.)

Ultimately it's probably best to run each as a self-contained VM that knows nothing about one another. This will take a lot of storage and RAM though, I'm just running 200 bots = 4gig ram and pegs a core on the processor. Just to sort of let you know what you're getting into. :D

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