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"Honor Counting" and "Add_Field_Comments"



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1 minute ago, Necrovoice said:

I am unable to find the update "Honor Counting"  There should be a set of numbers before the name such as Rel##_##_### _Honor Counting.sql

Please provide this so I can further assist you :)

Thank you for the reply 😀

I'm actually having a different issue now, it would seem. Apparently I'm missing "revision_refactor" and "quest_8332_text_update". 

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After installing the database, Your character and realm database should be up to date and require no current query.
You world database should require updates starting with Rel21_16_003_areatrigger_teleport_RFK.sql   and ending with Rel21_16_015_NPC_16548_ModelID_update.sql

Your current world database version on a fresh install should be    Rel21_16_002_Add_Field_Comments_pt2.sql

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After trying to install the new updates (starting at REL21_16_003_areatrigger_teleport_RFK.sql and ending at Rel21_16_015_NPC_16548_ModelID_update.sql), I get:

[* UPDATE SKIPPED *       Rel21_16_002 - IS NOT APPLIED   21_1_0 - revision_refactor] (repeated all the way up the list, so none are updating)


Hopefully there's something I can do! I even got rid of the database folder entirely and recreated the database fresh again, still the same issue

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