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.bot add NAME command do not do anything




I would like to add a character from my account as a bot, but every time I write ".bot add NAME" it will bu just echoed into the chat, and nothing happens.

If someone could help me, I would apprechiate it.

I used this version of Mangos Zero:


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When I try it on mine it says "That command is not allowed"

It doesnt matter if its a new name, or a character that exists, or any other number of variables.. just "thats not allowed"

Same with init; which im assuming is to create a new bot?

teleporting doesnt work, making them follow only works if they are in melee range, teleport never worked, and they dont resurrect properly.

(to get them to me ive had to use admin command summon players, which does work)


the bots are a mess and i wouldnt count on them for anything legit.

We have been able to use them in 5 man dungeons with real players doing the tanking and healing, but thier dps is usually is so low

that its an all day adventure.

also, if a bot dies the whole thing falls apart. other then that, the AI and implementation is just not good enough for anything real.


They are meant to be around for a quest here and there, and for that, they work if theres a bot already near by; and another person isnt.


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