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mangos zero Pointing Realmlist.wtf to Server Host



I have 3 computers in my local area network and have downloaded, built, and installed Mangoszero on one of them but am unable to connect to the server from the other two machines.

I think I've followed the instructions correctly (see EasyBuild thread) but maybe someone can point out where I'm going wrong. First, here's my realmlist.wtf

SET locale "enUS"
SET portal "us"
SET patchlist "xxx.yyy.a.abc"
SET realmList "xxx.yyy.a.abc"

where "xxx.yyy.a.abc" is the IP of the host machine.  Second, here are the realmd->realmlist IPs stored in the database

address: aa.bbb.ccc.cc       <-- Cable modem IP
localAddress: xxx.yyy.a.abc  <-- Host machine IP (where MangosZero server is running)

I know I've missed something (probably obvious) and would appreciate some advice.



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Good start.
You should portforward your ports to your localhost IP that is hosting the server.
the reamlist.wtf Should have your external IP (but it should match the address listed in the database)

Your database should have
address: external IP (or what you have your realmlist.wtf set to)
localaddress left as

Try this out. I suggest using your ISP IP in your settings as I have never had much luck with using the host IP in any settings. if you have more issues let us know :)

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