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Realmd.exe is missing from build




First off I have no coding experience what so ever, this is my first time with databases.

I am trying to build a wow server just for my self to play ( no external connections). I am running windows 10 and have installed mangostwo for wrath of lichking. I used easybuild and have installed mysql 5.7 (although there were a few differences on the install pages to your guide, - possibly due to version differences) and have installed all the options on easy build. however when getting to line  :-

28) Double click realmd.exe from the server folder, you should see a screen like:

I am unable to find realmd.exe (mangosd.exe is also missing) despite a search on the whole installation drive.

as far as I can tell I have followed the guide exactly to this point (apart from a few slight differences in versions of software) and I have no idea how to procede from this - any help would be appreciated

Thank You

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Thank you, they are now where you state however before re running easybuild for the log they were not, i did a search on the root directory and on my whole drive but they were not there so must have been a glitch on first run that was fixed on the second run.

Anyway, you have my thanks as i would not have thought to re run easybuild

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Any chance you have Avast?

Sorry to explain this a a bit more, I had a load of issues with Realmd.exe and Mangos.exe disappearing and also when running Easy Build Cmake.exe disappearing, there where no errors or anything.

Disabled Avast and everything works fine.

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