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Code highlighting available

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today we have added support for code highlighting of various programming languages and file formats using the GeSHi - Generic Syntax Highlighter available here.


[ code=[i]language[/i] ]...code...[ /code ]

to highlight code sections you want to post.

E.g. you can post a patch using diff as language.

--- a/src/game/SpellEffects.cpp
+++ b/src/game/SpellEffects.cpp
@@ -536,7 +536,7 @@ void Spell::EffectSchoolDMG(uint32 effect_idx)
                else if(m_spellInfo->SpellFamilyFlags & 0x100000000LL)
                    int32 base = irand((int32)m_caster->GetWeaponDamageRange(RANGED_ATTACK, MINDAMAGE),
(int32)m_caster->GetWeaponDamageRange(RANGED_ATTACK, MAXDAMAGE));
-                    damage += int32(float(base)/m_caster->GetAttackTime(RANGED_ATTACK)*2800 + m_caster->GetTotalAttackPowerValue(RANGED_ATTACK)*0.2f);
+                    damage += int32(float(base)/m_caster->GetAttackTime(RANGED_ATTACK)*2800 + m_caster->GetTotalAttackPowerValue(RANGED_ATTACK)*0.1f);
                // Explosive Trap Effect
                else if(m_spellInfo->SpellFamilyFlags & 0x00000004)

Or using cpp as language it would result in something like

   int32 base = irand((int32)m_caster->GetWeaponDamageRange(RANGED_ATTACK, MINDAMAGE),
(int32)m_caster->GetWeaponDamageRange(RANGED_ATTACK, MAXDAMAGE));
       base += ((Player*)m_caster)->GetAmmoDPS() * m_caster->GetAttackTime(RANGED_ATTACK)/1000;
   damage += int32(float(base) + m_caster->GetTotalAttackPowerValue(RANGED_ATTACK)*0.1f);

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The highlighting styles are stored in mangos.css, which has an expire time set to (looks like) 14 days after the date you fetched it. If the file is changed your browser normally won't re-request it until after it expires. however clearing your cache or telling your browser to refresh will have it check if it's been modified, if it has it will fetch the new version and update your local cache.

I was about to say that the syntax highlighting color for code=bash looked weird, but as of testing it in this post it has already been changed to a white background making it readable.

The problem was that some symbols and characters [0-9/] were displayed as black and on the dark grey background they were almost invisible.

cd /opt/mangos;
echo 1234 > ./example.txt

Also I was attempting to edit one of my other posts and add syntax highlighting and I received the error

There is a problem with your [ code ] tags

it only occurs when I add the code=lang part, and works fine without it

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If you find posts where the code tag does not work properly, please link them here. I may have to fine tune the parser a bit.

AFAIK the brighter colour schema I have used now, should let you read all the supported highlights now. If not, list the post with bad highlights here, too.

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