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MaNGOS is hiring!

Unkle Nuke

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MaNGOS is looking for new developers to join the team.

We need C++ programmers for the server core, SQL coders for the database, and C++ scripters for the EventAI scripting.

Developers are needed for work on all cores. Take your pick of classic WoW, The Burning Crusade, Wrath Of The Lich King, Cataclysm, or Mists Of Pandaria.

For those skilled at writing, we also have openings for Documenters to work on the Wiki and creating updated guides and manuals. It is also vital to have the MaNGOS sources completely documented, so new developers may better understand the code structure. This will speed up work and make MaNGOS more accessible to those learning to be future developers.

The hours are long and your brain will probably overheat, with wisps of smoke coming from you ears, but, you will be repaid by the gratitude of hundreds of users, improving your skills, and the pride in a job well done.

Anyone serious about becoming a Dev Team member, please reply with your area of skill and which core or cores upon which you wish to work.

Salja will then provide you with the information you need.

This is the start, a new beginning where everyone can join together in support of our future. For many years, MaNGOS has made so much possible for so many people, including the numerous other projects forked from us. Now is your time to give back and ensure the legacy continues!

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Okay, now it is true, the workflow seems to change. The scales have switched the weights.

It was normal for me that you write some code, provide it in the community, and see it finaly implemented in the core by a developer. And after various patches, if the entire developers thougt you are worse the core you got the developer status to yourself.

Now, if i understand the text right, you can say you have knowledge without long time showing your qualification in various patches. Commit them to git with- or without propper check from other developers or the community.

This might be the way the road changes from time to time. It's not a bad change, but it fits in my thoughts of the last month reading the forum.

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We do expect good work, but we don't demand new developers be core experts right away. A learning period is expected, where new developers can become comfortable with the workflow, coding style, and core structure.

Code will still be checked, but the time when a patch spent months or years being held back without the approval of all the devs is no more.

"Commit early... commit often." is the new way TheLuda has said will be how work is done. If a patch is good enough, it will be commited. There is no longer a demand for perfection and too strict rules for submitting code.

The only other condition is not to hold back the progress of MaNGOS development by intentionally delaying or keeping secret any patches. As TheLuda stated soon after the forums opened again, we had serious problems with some former devs saving work for their private servers. This will no longer be allowed.

If you like this way of working, we would be very glad to have you! :D

[posted edited for clarity because flamers can't read and look for any excuse to pick a fight.]

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This topic is for those who are serious about helping MaNGOS move forward. It is requested that only those applying for positions as developers post in this topic.

The rest of you in the cheap seats, please reserve your comments for a more appropriate thread. If you can't resist stroking your ego and post anyways, it will be deleted to maintain the focus on job applicants.

locario, you are most certainly welcome to help make MaNGOS multilingual. I would encourage you to also exercise your english skills and begin helping right away with the wiki and other documentation. :)

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Sign me up for Wiki Duties, I have that experience and can start right away. I can play Grammar Nazi since I have a fair whack of SQL databasing experience too.


As for the apparent Dev Exodus I missed past week or two, I hope we can seriously put it all behind as a learning experience (don't care who's to blame and care even less to get involved) and move forward on the reason we're all here. With any luck and possibly time, these Devs come back or at the very least, allow their hard work and improvements to be ported back where appropriate.... I can only hope given the GNU allows this anyway and the appropriate recognition I'm sure would be afforded regardless.


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That's great, bugeyed! Will you also be putting those SQL skills to work on one of the databases?

For those who have yet to post, don't be shy and speak up for your chance to join the team. ;)

With the new Open policy we have, please remember that anyone is free to submit patches and scripts. The purpose of a Dev Team is to have a coordinated focus on specific roadmap issues.

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I'm very happy to read that you encourage new people to join the team, regardless if they've got a lot of experience or not.

I've been following the mangos-zero project for quite awhile now and I would like to start contributing to it in any way I can. About two years ago when Yehonal was in charge of mangos-zero on UDW I was contributing a little bit, the main thing I did back then was a patch for the Blackwing lair door system: https://github.com/mangos-zero/scriptdev0/commit/8ed56be88e75751ff541d57c8982041450c56d2e

I am currently doing a bachelors degree in IT at James cook university in Cairns with main focus on programming. We are currently focusing on Java, however next semester we will start with c++. I do have previous knowledge of c++ from reading the book, c++ primer plus (6Th edition) so I still have somewhat knowledge of the concept of it. I guess studying Java for me will both have pros and cons for writing code for mangos, Java is derived from C so syntactically it isn't very different from c or c++ which would help me but then again it might as well also bring 'bad habits'.

My wish would be to start contributing to the scriptdevzero project since I believe this is where I could assist the most. I think that the server project for mangos-zero right now is a bit too complicated for my knowledge of both c++ and mangos itself, however I might be wrong, maybe it isn't as complex as I think, change my mind! :-]

I would like to see that, if possible, more experienced people perhaps could make proper guides for newcomers. Everything from setting up mangos properly from scratch (regardless of what version) to using git and explaining how that works. I remember from my own experience about two years ago that I had serious issues getting everything set up and actually contributing to mangos in a 'proper way'. A lot of people wanting to join the team and contributing to mangos will leave before they even have a chance because the entry level is very high without great knowledge of different programs.

At last I would like to thank you all for bringing the mangos-zero project up once again :)


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You are encouraged to write as many scripts and core patches as you can, pomser! :D

Being such a fan of MaNGOS-Zero, our classic WoW server, your help is welcome on that project. If you do think of any patches you can donate to the other cores... well, we need those as well! :lol:

Documents and guides will come as soon as we have volunteers to write them. There is more than enough work for everyone. We need all of you to help.

Everything is just starting new again, but we will try as hard to help introduce you to the core structure as you try just as much to learn.

For all of you with questions about the core, scripting, or database, I highly recommend you post them in MaNGOS University over in the Community Cafe. This way, we can all learn from each other. ;)

Even though MaNGOS has been around for years, it is like we are just beginning again. TheLuda has promised all of us that everything will be truly open. That promise includes not just the program code, but the way we work and the freedom to learn without restrictions.

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As stated elsewhere on these forum, you can count me in. :)

I'll manage my free time as I can between my job and my newborn.

However, though I have some skills in programming, they are mainly oriented on what I need to do my job: Python, scientific data workflows and a bit of scripting small apps for web servers (Python/PHP/MySQL).

Thus, mangos being a client/server architecture written in C/C++, I'm afraid I'll be of a smaller help than I would have been if language/architecture were different. :(

But I'll try to do what I can and I am not afraid of learning. :)

Regarding the different mangos versions I would help on (core/scriptdev):

WoW Vanilla: Strong interest

Burning Crusade: interest

Wrath of the Lich King: little interest

Cataclysm & Mist of Pandaria: truly no interest

But I'm willing to backport as I can things from newer versions to old ones.

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Any and all help is appreciated! If you only have a little time to contribute, you can still submit patches, as a regular member, in any of our core development sections.

Everyone is free to work on our server, because it's your server too! ;)

cala, your SQL skills aren't wasted here! MaNGOS now has incorporated core, database, and EventAI scripting into each server project. Take a peek at the development section for MaNGOS-Zero, our server for 1.12 Classic, or "Vanilla". Just like the other core versions, there are sub-forums in place for each part of the server. Flex those SQL muscles and start adding data or fixing errors. We especially have need for somone skilled enough to use SQL in scripting mobs for EventAI. A good example of how that is done would be the ACID project.

Your PHP and Python experience can be used for creating tools to help manage servers, provide a web frontend for online data collection, and much more. Existing web-based software for MaNGOS needs updated and refined, too.

You'll find there can be big demand for quality, full-feature Python applications. It doesn't matter to us what language is used to code them. We like good tools... and lots of them! Speak with shlainn, our lead tool developer if you're interested. He has a big project in the works right now, in fact.

I haven't forgotten your question, Antz! DBC files are primarily used as a resource for helping to build data for the core and database. Things like items, spells, map locations, and much more can be found inside those files. For a more detailed and educational dialog on this, post your questions at MaNGOS University! :)

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  • 3 months later...

hi there!

im not the most experinced c++ user, But im am willing to try help make the project stay alive.

basicly i got basic knowlege in python/php/c++, and some ruby..

i would prefere to help out on Cataclysm and Wotlk but i happily help out where i can, and im willing to learn.

buttomline is i like the community, been a MaNGOS user since mangos-zero and would hate to see it fall apart.

i hope that i can be some kind of assistence to you guys.

Regards Nickless

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I would love to join the team and contribute to the zero project. I have a broad range of skills, but most of the work I do is linux server administration, php development, and sql development and administration. I'll have to start out with minor patches/bug fixes, database development, and writing documentation until I know the server codebase inside and out. I should be able to dedicate anywhere from 10-20 hours per week to the project, depending on my work load that week.

Another thing I would like to work on if you're open to it is updating the main page at http://getmangos.eu/ with a new design and more information. It would only take a day or two to get something basic up, and I think it would make the project seem more active as well as make it easier to learn about and get involved in mangos development.

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Thanks for the offer of help ktross - The website redesign is already in hand, just waiting for permission to put it live.

As for the rest, very glad to have you aboard - any questions, please ask !!

That's awesome!

How do I go about getting my commits into the repositories at https://github.com/mangoszero/ ? Will someone be granting me access to them or should I just submit pull requests?

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  • 4 weeks later...
I might be interested in helping with MaNGOSZero. But only if it is still needed.

Is it only MangosZero you are interested in or other cores as well ?

We are happy to have any new people on board, thank you :D

It's mainly zero, perhaps one as well. I'm old school, I think Cata killed world of warcraft. The game became too noob friendly and I even miss the 40 man raids, even though I was only 8 or 9 when they were around. I'm a very passionate person about game development and hope to have it as my major in college.

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It's mainly zero, perhaps one as well. I'm old school, I think Cata killed world of warcraft. The game became too noob friendly and I even miss the 40 man raids, even though I was only 8 or 9 when they were around. I'm a very passionate person about game development and hope to have it as my major in college.

Great Stuff, glad to have you aboard :D

Obviously, I am assuming you know a little about git ? - Feel free to ask if you need help

Typically we work like this..

1) Create a fork of MangosZero in your repo

2) Lookup issues to be fixed in mangosZero/server/issues

3) Fix the issues

4) Make sure the line endings are unix style (i.e. LF rather than CRLF)

5) Issue a Push request for the main repo

Hope this helps ;) - we look forward to your help, thanks in advance

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I guess I can offer some help. My skills are below.

  • C++ for over sixteen years (OO is fun)
  • C for over eighteen years
  • Basic since I was about six years old, so about 26yrs
  • MySQL for about five years (I understand normalization, optimization, stored procedures, etc)
  • Assembly on and off for a while
  • C and C++ under DOS, Win32, Win64, and Linux
  • TCP/IP and UDP/IP programming basics
  • BASH scripting in Linux

There is more, but I do not feel as though it applies here. I am busy most days so most of my help will be in the evenings or on weekends.

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