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Corrupt MPQ (I think)



Hi All,

After running ad.exe I am experiencing a series of errors:

(I have listed the last one, all Zul'gurub and no other etc.)

File: World\\Maps\\Zul'gurub\\Zul'gurub_35_55.ad

Can't find area flag for areaid 3379 [2, 3].

I assume I have a corrupt mpq file. Which one is it? So I can replace it rather than download the full client again (should that work?)

Also ad.exe found 279 dbc/db2 files, is this correct number?

Many Thanks

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Here is what I have for comparison:

333 .dbc files

and my .MPQ files

C:\\Users\\Public\\Games\\World of Warcraft\\Data>dir
Volume in drive C has no label.
Volume Serial Number is F47A-CC71

Directory of C:\\Users\\Public\\Games\\World of Warcraft\\Data

09/15/2012  09:34 AM    <DIR>          .
09/15/2012  09:34 AM    <DIR>          ..
03/12/2012  01:54 AM     3,943,449,151 art.MPQ
03/11/2012  08:16 PM        28,944,487 base-Win.MPQ
09/15/2012  09:22 AM    <DIR>          Cache
09/15/2012  09:34 AM    <DIR>          enUS
09/15/2012  09:34 AM     1,426,718,989 expansion1.MPQ
09/15/2012  09:34 AM     2,689,382,101 expansion2.MPQ
09/15/2012  09:34 AM     1,066,539,834 expansion3.MPQ
09/15/2012  07:21 AM    <DIR>          Interface
09/15/2012  09:34 AM     4,494,635,586 placeholderArchive.temp
03/12/2012  01:54 AM     1,648,276,482 sound.MPQ
03/12/2012  01:54 AM     2,727,921,913 world.MPQ
03/12/2012  01:54 AM       579,358,727 world2.MPQ
03/12/2012  01:54 AM         2,238,823 wow-update-base-15211.MPQ
03/12/2012  01:54 AM           257,365 wow-update-base-15354.MPQ
06/27/2012  09:04 AM         1,195,112 wow-update-base-15595.MPQ
             12 File(s) 18,608,918,570 bytes
              5 Dir(s)  317,568,135,168 bytes free

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Thanks for the info and for posting up the directory structure file size.

I'll have to download them again because they are slightly different sizes, no idea why.

Does it matter if it is enUS or enGB for the data folder mpq's?

Using the torrent from a previous thread to download the client again. Will inform once it is completed etc.

By the way the placeholderArchive.temp file, is that required?


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Hi Again,

I have just downloaded those mpq files, they are the exact same size as krampf's etc. I now have 333 dbc files (big tick there :) ).

I still have the :

File: World\\Maps\\Zul'gurub\\Zul'gurub_35_55.ad

Can't find area flag for areaid 3379 [2, 3].

group of errors etc.

I don't have the placeholderarchive.temp

Any ideas please?


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when i run ad.exe it gives me three hundred and thirty three files with a dbc extension, i.e when you check the dbc folder ad.exe creates there are three hundread and thirty three files. Refer t krampf post in the thread. when ad.exe tries to creates the map files and get to the Zul'gurub section

File: World\\Maps\\Zul'gurub\\Zul'gurub_35_55.ad

Can't find area flag for areaid 3379 [2, 3].

Please do not make the connection that three hundread and thirty three dbc files equals version 3.3.5a. I have version 4.3.4, it was 22.5 gig download.


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I've been having problems pulling them too. I downloaded 15595 about a month ago 100% before they started the new stuff, thought it would come in handy later. The first time ran the extractor it only pulled about half the maps but gave no errors and I didn't notice until my completed vmaps folder was 680mb instead of the normal size.

Attempted to repair, repair again - failed

Torrented which I think probably got a darn virus on my laptop trying to find a good torrent source, downloaded full 22.5 enGB version which is now giving me about 5000 "can't open world\\maps\\... obj.adt - err=2"

Starting to wonder if you pulled from a weird version of the client or if they made an unofficial change to the files? The 15595 I had starting out was 100% completely downloaded US version.

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Thanks Antz,

I have ignored the Zul'Gurub errors etc.

Though I have the same issue now as glowingeyesofdeath. In total I get alot less than 2 gig of files when running make_vmaps.bat. I might try to download another client again, and/or post up my error log.


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I redownloaded the entire client from http://getmangos.eu/bb/topic/371/torrent-getting-all-clients/

It does dbc and maps with no errors,

When it does vmaps it extracts a ton from world\\wmo but then tries world\\maps and must be 10,000 or so errors, then it builds vmap files and says it completed. Wish the darn tool had more documentation about what parameters it takes, what is normal, etc.

Redoing the mmaps and seeing how much it does this time around.

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