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[SOLVED] Extracting map,dbc,vmaps ....




I have compiled all the extractor tools from source, and i have successfully extract data from a enGB 4.3.4 client.

I am trying now to extract data from a frFR 4.3.4 client. and each time, it tell me ad.exe stop running (with the windows common error message)...

Can it come from my wow client files ? can i change something to make it work ?

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Tried, but dont work.

Anyway i found something : when i start my wow frFR client it's version is : Version 4.3.4 (15595) (Serie x86) ???

I am running a Windows 7 x64, trying to extract data from a (Serie x86), can it generate this kind of errors ?

What (Serie x86) in wow version means ?

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Here is what i got when i run with -i option to force game path :

Map & DBC Extractor


Detected locale: frFR

Detected client build: 15595

Extracting dbc files...

Extracted 333 DBC/DB2 files

Using locale: frFR

Loaded MPQ files for map extraction:




-- crashed here --

Same crash at the same moment.

Will try the vm thing

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