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(4.3.4) how do you laucnh the wow.exe ? (im on 3.3.5a...)


hello !

im running a 3.3.5a WOTLK server... (the best for me...)

but i downloaded a 4.3.4 FR client somethere.... v


and when i click wow.exe it gives errors :

(i know that) it needs the blizzard launchpad, account verifiaction etc... all these annoying stuffs !


so how do you launch it ?

(my DL is got just client files, so no profile/customs/ etc............ in folder)

(for planning to update my db's to cataclysm...)

Thx in advance,

Edit : MadMax, if eventually u got just 2 minutes... please ? thx !

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Hi, If i'm reading you post correctly, then your wotlk client has auto updated to cata.

Reverting that update is no easy task, in fact it might be simplier to find a new woltk client.

In the realm.wtf, I would change the patch url to something other than blizz server and rename launcher.exe to something else

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