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Hello Mangos Community! I need help with the repack. Everything in the WoW 1.12.x Server Repack is fine and i like the rates that were already preset so I don't have to go back and edit them via Notepad ++ and one of the things I noticed is some of the instances are not scripted, For instance just to test one, I gave myself the corrupted ashbringer it makes me hostile with the Argent Dawn which is normal however when I go into the Cathedral usually an scripted event is triggered and I also noticed that i cannot hear the whispers of the blade. I know most players that will want to join my server will look forward to raiding and I don't want to disappoint them if they manage to get their hands on the blade. If there is a quick fix to this or any in general please refer me to the fix because I love this repack! NOTE: I do not know if its because I gave it to myself and didn't kill Alexandros Mograine however on other fun servers i joined i had problems with the blade speaking but not the scripted event. The Bloodsail Buccaneers quest Avast ye admiral is bugged as well since I am exalted with them and i cant pick up the quest. All transportation systems functional (boats and zeppelins) I will continue further testing. there is a weird text glitch when turning in scouragestones at light's hope chapel. its something like $brother:$sister$ All teleporters in naxxaramas function however there is a bug that exists after fighting the undead frost drake where the gate doesnt open/shatter. I will try to keep you guys updated even though im pretty sure the person who created the repack tested everything haha.

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Although we don't directly support repacks, I can answer some of your questions....

The Corrupted Ashbringer 'Event' is not currently in mangos, sadly any servers which had it have not submitted the fix / updates back to mangos to incorporate.

I would suggest looking through our bug tracker https://www.getmangos.eu/project.php to see if the bugs are listed there !

- In the long run, it might be worth familiarizing yourself with the build and updates processes so that you can keep your server upto date rather than waiting for repacks.

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