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Playerbot causing (US) client crash?



I'm running a rel21 mangos zero server (running remotely) and have a US client. The server was cloned from GitHub about 2 weeks ago.

When I have two playerbots in a party running from my account using another char as the master, I have apparently random crashes on my client. I've looked for an error log from the client folder but cannot find one (if there is one please generated let me know where to find it!)

I've read a few forum posts, mostly from bluebot and one that mentioned that a UK client was needed as others weren't currently supported (this was from 2012 - I would link but I cant find the post again!)

Is the current playerbot AI supplied with mangos zero rel21 core ok with a US client? I have the UK discs too somewhere but would need to dig around in the loft for them - if someone knows for sure this is the case please tell me :)


**EDIT** - I turned brain on and tried running without addons, after faffing about a bit I think it was recap addon causing problem, as not had crash since

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