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How to add a pagescan to warden db?



Hey guys!

I'm looking into the warden module atm and trying to add a page scan for some bytes. 

(0x5F 0x5B 0x8B 0xE5 0x5D 0xC2 0x04 0x00 0x56 0x57 0xfC if you're curious)

I tried using the program found here https://wiki.skullsecurity.org/Crypto_and_Hashing to generate the SHA-1 hash but it seems to be shorter than the ones in the DB?

(5ad87bd9 68d556c4 405a3acd 1dda07cd 857bc771 is generated 5C0E4EE98C4E34CBE44F6BD595C13DD675555164A8D491DA is a DB example)

I had a look and found zero resources / discussion on how these hashes are generated. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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