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Hello everyone


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Hello guys,

After some time lurking around I decided to try and give a hand to the Mangos development, even though the documentation and tutorials can be a bit intimidating for those who are not used with this type of software development.

I managed to compile the servers following the tutorials here, but I was a bit sad about not being able to configure the process with Sublime2/3 since its where I like to code. Only got some problems with the database seeding, since for some unknown reason the InstallDatabases.bat points no errors but my Mysql database stays empty.

By the way is there some type of discord channel for people to talk about mangos development? Sometimes a simple question is not worthy of a forum posts and being able to talk to more people about it would help. :)

Finally I'm 32, worked the last 7 as a PHP developer to pay the bills, but as a experience for future goals I got over 3 years experience messing around with Unity3d(c#) and a bit over 1 years messing around HaxeFlixel(Haxe).






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Hi there and welcome to the site :)

We do have a discord server but that does not really get used now. Most of us hang out on Skype, do you use that?

You might want to have a chat with @antz about any questions.

If you need a hand just drop a reply here or open a help and support topic. I'm also on Skype (xmark202)

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Hey there, thanks for the welcome.

Ok, so after some struggle, a bunch of forum/wiki research and a bit of cursing, I managed to download , compile, run, log in and kill some boars in a branch 21 server. :) 

Too bad the discord server is not being used, personally when a lot of people are involved I prefer to use Discord or even Slack to keep that central hub of asynchronous chat going on. :D

I know it will be a long time before I can be of any help but if someone feels like pointing me in some direction my Skype is (leandrovian) and hangout is ([email protected])


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