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Implementing anti-cheat/db question



Hi all,

I've finally got everything up and running. I had two questions:

Does anyone know how to implement anti-cheating? I've seen logs of other servers where admins are alerted in chat about speedhacking for example.

Also, I'd like general guidance on the DB process. I see many different releases in the update directory. Is it safe to say I should always apply ANY .sql files to my running realm? Which is to say, anytime a new .sql is updated in git, I should probably apply it? Also, I'm running two realms (release20, develop21). Is it safe to apply develop21 sql patches to release20?



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2 minutes ago, publiccert said:

Understood. So I don't need to apply Rel18/19 updates even though they're available in the repo?

That's correct, they are only available for those people upgrading from an earlier version.

The base DB is always on the current release

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