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Hey everyone,

I recently joined this getmangos community and hope to see it continuously growing !
I've been in the emulation world for a long time now (since WowwoW and the first Python emulator for 0.11). 

My nickname by that time was Valkirie and I was working on "leaking" Wowemu from (WAD). Todo so, I worked with Catvir to retrieve the zipped file from WAD acquired by server paying for it using php injection on the registration webpage on port 8080. Then, I worked for myself or with teams like Blackstorm and WDDG.

As of today, I am working on my own vanillla server both enUS and frFR using your awesome mangoszero.

Server is being built and will be using the following configuration:

  • CPU : Core i7 6950X
  • Memory : 16GB
  • SSD : 1.2To SSD
  • Bandwidth : 1Gbit/s

Please keep up the good work ! We need you here !

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