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Bug Comments posted by antz

  1. @imncadsii What I did to get bots to follow me, attack with me.

    1) Invited each to my party
    2) used .summon to teleport each them to my location
    3) Issued the following command in party chat ~follow (might be a space, can't quite remember)

    As for outland map, i've not tested this personally, but after you go to outlands, you should be able to .summon your party members to you

  2. On 12/24/2020 at 12:02 PM, Сергей Шикуля said:
    ERROR:Incorrect DBC.Locale! Must be >= 0 and < 8 (set to 0)

    A_replace_BaseEnglish_with_XX - tables cannot be NULL, 

    I have to manually resolve, how to write a sql query, unfortunately I am not able to. The instructions did not say anything about all this either.

    This should now be resolved

  3. Hi Dio85, I will look into what the issue is, however I just want to check something to ensure you are not wasting your time.

    Are you looking to help develop / work on MangosFour (Mop) ?
    - This core is an early development alpha and as such you can't actually get in game yet

    So unless you are hoping to help develop for it, there is no point using it atm.

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