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  • Installing MySQL 5.7


    NOTE:  MySQL is now a deprecated library, our recommended database provider is MariaDB.
                 Please find the new MariaDB installation Article hereMariaDB Installation Instructions

    Can be downloaded from: HERE (Change the product version to 5.7.xx). The latest version of 5.7 is recommended, it is possible to use 8.0 but this has not been fully tested.

    Notes for guide

    * Can only install 32Bit or 64bit - Can't install both (blame Oracle, not us)
    * Must match the server version you wish to compile either 32Bit or 64Bit.

















    User Feedback

    Recommended Comments

    Those minor revisions are just patch releases to fix bugs or security issues, use the latest.

    AntzToday at 6:02 AM

    @Whyarp 5.7 is the ideal version, but we have done a lot of work recently to support 8.0 (not 100% tested though)
    [6:03 AM]
    of the 5.7.x versions, just grab the latest(edited)

    Ryan WadeToday at 6:03 AM

    Thank you Antz, much appreciated!

    Elmsroth [FR]Today at 7:03 AM

    @Whyarp Be careful with 5.7, with some DB script it could block the execution of DB import because of the SQL_MODE (you should set SQL_MODE as an empty string otherwise it could lead to errors).(edited)
    [7:03 AM]
    Sometimes related to Zero dates instead of 1900-01-01 - 00:00:00
    [7:04 AM]
    If I remember well 
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    For using MySQL 8.0, all I had to do so far was update the password scheme for the database connection user(s).  Working so far with minimal testing, you just need to run this SQL:


    ALTER USER '<username>'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED WITH mysql_native_password BY '<password>';

    The default was the caching_sha2_password scheme.

    Update: After practicing the process again recently, and wanting to retain higher security, I found you can still use MySQL 8 as the database server with the newer secure default password method, but requires retrieving a dll from a MariaDB installation/package: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/49963383/authentication-plugin-caching-sha2-password#comment116030255_51532833

    Of course, there may still be issues using MySQL 8 with MaNGOS as Antz stated at the top of the article.  I just wanted to continue collecting pieces of information relating to this somewhere, as I have not found an item to track them all yet.

    More notes are the following:

    • I saw in another guide that since MySQL 8.0.28, TLSv1 support was removed, so MaNGOS may no longer be able to connect to the database server at all.
    • Antz has also stated that MariaDB support seems better, a comment stating the move with elation implying general success, possibly avoiding sql_mode / strict mode troubles with zero dates, even when only specified as a predicate in the WHERE clause.  I have made a change to demonstrate this can be avoided, but is not ideal, and think the coding style for SQL database updates, and game data representation, could probably be changed instead to promote modern conformance.  There could be other issues though, and MariaDB support seems easier so far.
    Edited by Pysis
    Added links.
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