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  • Setting up User Accounts


    From the Mangos command prompt:-

    We need to create an account to use with the server.

    account create testuser mypassword

    This will set up a user called testuser with a password of mypassword

    In order to use the expansions

    for Classic -

    No need to do anything

    for TBC -

    account set addon testuser 1

    for WotLK -

    account set addon testuser 2

    for Cata -

    account set addon testuser 3

    for Mop -

    account set addon testuser 4

    Setting up the client to access the server

    1) Navigate to the location of the Warcraft Client installed on your local PC

    2) Navigate to the “Data\enGB” folder (or other locale if not uk)
    - On Classic this file is in the root folder, so you don't need to do this.
    - On Mop the realmlist.wtf is merged with config.wtf in the WTF folder.

    3) Open the file “realmlist.wtf” with WordPad

    It will contain the following lines (actual detail may vary slightly) :-

    set realmlist eu.logon.worldofwarcraft.com
    set patchlist enGB.patch.battle.net:1119/patch 

    Change these values to the IP address of the server.

    That’s it. You are ready to roll....

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    open your favourite MySQL manager app, select the mangos database and run the following query:

    select * from command

    Alternatively, type .help from ingame or help from the mangos console

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