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  • Looting is messed up again...

    • Status: Completed
      Main Category: Core / Mangos Daemon
      Sub-Category: Item Handling
      Version: 0.20(currentmasterbranch) Milestone: 20 Priority: High
      Implemented Version: 0.20(currentmasterbranch)

    Looting is messed up again...

    This has been going on for at least a week now and I have been unable to figure it out. Group loot is working as free-for-all, only we get to roll on green or better items. This is incorrect. Group loot works like round-robin, assigning a corpse to a player, the next corpse to the next player, and so on and so forth. When a player loots a corpse with an item that is above the threshold (green by default), players get to roll on it. Currently, anybody can loot any corpse, but they get to roll on nice items.

    Now round-robin is different in that there is no rolling. If you are assigned a corpse and it has a purple or anything on it, you get it. That is where the two differ. We need group loot fixed, again.

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    Yes it did. Now however, my mother and fiance play a lot and they can loot everything from every corpse, but they roll on green or above. I have seen it with my own eyes. Maybe something that deals with corpses has caused an issue?

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    It does, though sometimes the windows appears and disappears instantly, claiming everybody passed on the item. Not too often, but it does generally happen about once per instance. The big problem here is group loot acting like FFA.

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