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  • ore nodes spawn wrongly

    • Status: Completed
      Main Category: Core / Mangos Daemon
      Sub-Category: Profession
      Version: 21.3 Milestone: 21 Priority: New
      Implemented Version: 21.0

    ore nodes spawn wrongly

    [QUOTE]a) way too many all clustered up pretty much next to one another in many places, you see groups of four and five; most you'd ever have had the fortune to come across in retail would have been two, one of which with always less ore than usual
    b) tier differentiation is skewed or off..for example, there is an ooze-covered gold node in durotar, at 50,47. There is a tin one right where the entrance to valley of trials is; and so on[/QUOTE]

    [QUOTE]- this might be related to the ore nodes spawn issue, but just in case it's not..blood shards ( [URL]http://www.wowhead.com/item=5075#see-also[/URL] )
    are only supposed to be mined from nodes found within the southern and northern barrens. They are currently harvestable in other areas as well[/QUOTE]

    Taken from: [URL]http://www.covenant-wow.com/forums/index.php?topic=203.msg514#msg514[/URL]

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    The placement of ores are a database issue. The ores spawning too many is due to not using pooling. My experience with pooling in CMaNGOS was that there was too little when set to retail levels. At retail, there are four or five silverleaf in Mulgore. In retail, with a ton of players, somebody was always picking some, so it kept respawning in other locations around Mulgore and made it workable. With three players, this was not working.

    With that said, we need resource pooling and we need it working out of the box. I assume this would be a two-part process. First, the server-side code, and second, the pools of resources being created in the database. The DB pool creation would take a LOT of man-power since one zone (ie: Barrens) could have dozens of pools by itself. Off the top of my head, we'd have pools of herbs at each of the Oasises, pools for herbs in WC, etc etc.

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    Pooling can be handled now by the core in the latest Rel20 but its disabled by default.
    The Server is now able to pool all nodes by zone and only spawn a percentage of nodes at the time.
    To test the feature all, DB pools for mining nodes should be removed.
    But as the poolmanager itself have some issues do not expect perfect results, but this applies to DB pools aswell.

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    I will leave it disabled for now. We need pools. There were many separate pools for zones, not one gigantic pool per zone for everything. Throwing everything into one zone pool could be hard on players. Take for example Barrens. A lv14 guy harvests a few nodes up north around XR. The nodes spawn south where the level 20+ mobs are. Now what? Either use GM or have a public server with enough players to keep them harvested. However, pools of generic stuff should be based around the levels of he players in that zone. Separate pools for north and south, in other words.

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