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  • [Zero] Odd crash during combat...

    • Status: Awaiting Feedback
      Main Category: Core / Mangos Daemon
      Sub-Category: Minor
      Version: 22.1 Milestone: 22 Priority: Normal
      Implemented Version: Unset

    [Zero] Odd crash during combat...

    This happened earlier this morning. No clue why, but mangosd segfaulted while my mother was playing a low-level character.
    RollMeleeOutcomeAgainst: NORMAL
    AttackerStateUpdate: (NPC) 6434 attacked 23 (TypeId: 4) for 0 dmg, absorbed 9, blocked 0, resisted 0.
    WORLD: Received opcode CMSG_SETSHEATHED for Player Revan (Guid: 23) - value: 0
    Sending SMSG_SPELL_GO id=20801
    Spell 20801 Effect0 : 2 Targets: Player Revan (Guid: 23), -, -
    PeriodicTick: Player Revan (Guid: 23) attacked Pet (Petnumber: 561 Guid: 16) for 11 dmg inflicted by 594
    deal dmg:11 to health:2
    DealDamage Player Revan (Guid: 23) Killed Pet (Petnumber: 561 Guid: 16)
    PLAYER: RewardHonor
    creature 16 stopped attacking player 23
    Aura 3 now is remove mode 4
    Aura 79 now is remove mode 5
    Aura 133 now is remove mode 5
    Aura 132 now is remove mode 5
    DealDamageEnd returned 11 damage
    Segmentation fault
    Any ideas?

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