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  • Anyone Remember Stitches?

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    Add creature


    used to patrol duskwoods back in the old days. Havent seen him spawned on the zero core so perhaps this should be implemented :) ?

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    Stitches is summoned by a quest. I BELIEVE it is an Alliance quest. Somewhere on the northern side of the graveyard. Possibly a Horde quest. I cannot remember for sure. I do remember summoning him once and having my butt handed to me, however.


    I remember now! An NPC named something like "Abercrombie" creates Stitches to attack Darkshire. Stitches would then patrol the road leading west from Darkshire until killed. The parody was of Abercrombie and Fitch.

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    Yep, I remember him. My mates and I used to spend many a great moment in his company, being torn limb from limb :D

    I'll check it out, unless someone else does. Not sure when, though. A tad busy at the mo :)

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    Stitches spawns after completing:

    ----> [URL="http://wowpedia.org/Quest:Translation_to_Ello"]Translation to Ello[/URL]
    There's no sign of Stitches in the server core, or a Duskwood specific program file as there is with places like arathi_highlands.cpp and westfall.cpp.

    We'll have to get him to spawn in the town, instead of where he should do, because, due to the way it currently works, he won't be able to patrol when the map is unloaded.

    [B]creature_template[/B] table
    [B]Entry[/B]: 412

    No [B]creature[/B] table record, as he is spawned via the quest. Needs to be coded/scripted.

    [B]EDIT[/B]: Gonna attempt to implement this one using Eluna; pray for me. :D Of course, anyone else can do this if they wish :D

    EDIT: Thanks, to Foereaper, for pointing out that I was looking at the wrong version of this quest chain :)

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    I would personally do it correctly and let him unload when the map unloads. Spawning him in town would be bad due to guards spawning if you wanted to fight him.


    If you do this in Eluna, it needs to be done in SD2 as well. While I run both for development and testing purposes, I do not intend on running Eluna down the road after many things are ironed out. Also, what is preventing us from spawning him like any other creature? This has to work somehow. Think about Rexxar wandering back and forth.

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    The problem is the way the grid loader works. Whenever a grid is "unloaded" or not loaded at all whenever a creature spawns in the said grid, the creature is "frozen" and will not move. Say you deliver the quest in Darkshire and Stitches spawns at the cemetary and patrols towards Darkshire. If the grid Stitches spawns on is not loaded, he will simply not move towards the loaded grid, and will never reach his destination. So unless a player is around to load his grid when he spawns, it simply will not work.

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    So how is Rexxar working then? He seems to get around, but it may just be me. I understand our current system, but I am against scripting a core thing like this since it must be done twice now (Eluna and SD2), and since the functionality to make it works already exists in the core. I am still for the idea of allowing an admin to specify an entire are be loaded into RAM while a player is in it. For example, all of Duskwood.

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    I PM'd you on this matter.

    I was simply trying to state above that if we do something that is core functionality in either of the two modules, we need to do it in both since users can choose one or the other. I did not mean to come across as hostile.

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    I just ran across this whilst working on another issue:

    [B]dbscripts_on_quest_end[/B] table

    ID: 252
    Comments: spawn stitches

    That ID should be in the [B][COLOR="#800080"]CompleteScript[/COLOR][/B] field of the quest that spawns the mob in the [B]quest_template[/B] table.

    I'll come back to this once I have finished with the issue I am working on.

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