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  • Engineering -Explosive Sheep BUG

    • Status: Confirmed
      Main Category: Database
      Sub-Category: Item Handling
      Version: 21.11 Milestone: Unset Priority: New
      Implemented Version: 0.20

    Engineering -Explosive Sheep BUG

    Summons an Explosive Sheep which will charge at a nearby enemy and explode for 135 to 165 damage.

    but Explosive Sheep don't Explosive

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     * Explosive Sheep
        SPELL_EXPLOSIVE_SHEEP           = 4050
    struct npc_explosive_sheepAI : ScriptedPetAI
        explicit npc_explosive_sheepAI(Creature* pCreature) : ScriptedPetAI(pCreature)
            if (m_creature->GetCharmInfo())
        bool m_bExploded;
        uint32 m_uiAliveTimer;
        void Reset() override
        void ResetCreature() override
            m_bExploded = false;
            m_uiAliveTimer = 3 * MINUTE * IN_MILLISECONDS;
            m_creature->CastSpell(m_creature, SPELL_EXPLOSIVE_SHEEP_PASSIVE, true);
        void JustDied(Unit* /*pKiller*/) override
            if (auto pPet = m_creature->ToPet())
                pPet->DelayedUnsummon(5000, PET_SAVE_AS_DELETED);
        void UpdateAI(const uint32 uiDiff) override
            if (!m_bExploded)
                if (m_uiAliveTimer <= uiDiff)
                    m_creature->CastSpell(m_creature, SPELL_EXPLOSIVE_SHEEP, true);
                    m_bExploded = true;
                    m_uiAliveTimer -= uiDiff;
    CreatureAI* GetAI_npc_explosive_sheep(Creature* pCreature)
        return new npc_explosive_sheepAI(pCreature);
    newscript = new Script;
    newscript->Name = "npc_explosive_sheep";
    newscript->GetAI = &GetAI_npc_explosive_sheep;

    This is what can be found within elysium core.

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