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  • Weaponsmith specializations

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      Version: 2.0.10 Milestone: 20 Priority: High
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    Weaponsmith specializations

    From another player:

    There's a problem with learning Swordsmithing. I have done Weaponsmithing quest and when I got to 250 skill points of BS, I took quest "Curruption" from NPC in Everlook ([url]http://www.wowwiki.com/Quest:Corruption[/url]), which should give me Sworsmithing skill after completing (that's how soruce's said it should be).
    But when I completed the quest I did not learn the Swordsmithing skill. I can still talk with the NPC (Seril Scourgebane, Everlook - [url]http://www.wowwiki.com/Seril_Scourgebane[/url]) and click on the "Train me Swordsmithing" bubble, but that doesn't do anything as well.
    So, I have done everything that I think I could and should, but still didn't learn Sworsmithing - I can't learn from recipes that require it.

    Best regards

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    Looking at this now :)

    Wrong spell IDs were used in the script (cabfever located the correct ones).

    Master Swordsmith: 17039
    Master Axesmith: 17040
    Master Hammersmith: 17041

    There are actually 2 spells for each skill, one appears to do the animation/effect, the other applies the skills (learn):

    Master Swordsmith: 17039
    Master Swordsmith: 17042 - animation/effect

    Master Axesmith: 17040
    Master Axesmith: 17043 - animation/effect

    Master Hammersmith: 17041
    Master Hammersmith: 17044 - animation/effect

    Data located in the Spell.dbc file, lines 13619 to 17044

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    Anyone know if these skills (Master Swordsmith / Axesmith / Hammersmith could actually be unlearned in Vanilla/Classic ?

    I cannot locate the spells that unlearn Master Swordmith/ Axesmith/ Hammersmith.

    In fact the file that contains the script (npc_professions) appears to be for a later version of the game. The plans that it removes when you unlearn a skill were all introduced in TBC!

    Hmm, these scripts need a proper going over.

    The issue I am having is that I am unable to find decent information on these master professions, and I have no experience of crafting professions, except for doing some tailoring :(

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    Actually, 17042, 17043, 17044 are the spells for learning the "skill" spells 17039, 17041, 17040 respectively. These spells should be cast in the mode NPC=>Player (the script erroneously uses Player=>Player) to present correct animation. I did not read why exactly, but the learning spells work really (tested with .cast back) though having EffectImplicitTarget==0. Wouldn't this be the case, a correction of EffectImplicitTarget1 in SpellMgr::ModDBCSpellAttributes() would be necessary. Note that these spells do not have any check on the Blacksmithing skill presence/level incorporated. Now the check is incorporated into the NPC script GossipHello_npc_prof_blacksmith.

    These 3 learning spells were dropped in TBC and changed to ones with IDs mentioned in the scripted method SendActionMenu_npc_prof_blacksmith(...). Moreover, the Classic has no SPELL_EFFECT_UNLEARN_SPECIALIZATION=133 defined, as well as no spells named like "Unlearn". There might be ones still with effects DUMMY, SCRIPT_EFFECT, but my vote is for no such spells. So, the script fixing should consist in 1) changing learning spell IDs to Classic ones, 2) removing gossip options about unlearn, and 3) shifting to ADD_GOSSIP_ITEM_ID in GossipHello_npc_prof_blacksmith(...) method to transfer the textes into DB that allows a simple localization later.

    I guess that at the time, it was Blizz's way to keep online: any specialization may not be unlearned in Classic. However, I did not play offy Classic, so the question remains open:

    [SIZE=4]Could the profession specializations be unlearned in the Classic?[/SIZE]

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    Thanks, Olion, that's helped a LOT :D

    [quote=Olion][SIZE=4]Could the profession specializations be unlearned in the Classic?[/SIZE][/quote]

    I think we need someone like Xenithar to answer this question, which is an important one.

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    Cabfever linked this in Skype:

    The comment by Kaiitothewai:

    They all have clickable gossip, trying to teach you the specialization of your choice, this should be removed.
    When you've completed the quest of your choice, on completion you should earn the skill that the quest provides[/QUOTE]

    Cabfever also said that Feenix server does have unlearning. ([B][COLOR="#FF0000"]EDIT:[/COLOR][/B] Oops, I meant to have entered "does NOT have". Sorry, cabfever)

    We need more input by people who believe they remember how this worked.

    I'm leaning towards unlearning not being part of Vanilla.

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    [URL="http://www.wowwiki.com/Quest:Corruption?oldid=128514"]Here[/URL] is the quest description of May 1, 2006, corresponding to the patch 1.10.1. The Swordsmith learning is listed as the quest reward, and this is so until [URL="http://www.wowwiki.com/Quest:Corruption?direction=prev&oldid=1258944"]February 28, 2008[/URL]/[URL="http://www.wowwiki.com/Quest:Corruption?direction=next&oldid=1227341"]March 13, 2008[/URL] (2.4.0). Then the learning was remowed from the reward list, probably being moved to gossip (or dismissed blacksmith subspecs at all?).

    The 3 analogous quests (5306, 5307, 5305/8869) have neither RewSpell, nor RewSpellCast, and it is definitely wrong. Also gossips about "learn subspec" are to be removed.

    These quests are NOT marked as repeatable and have NO ExclusiveGroup. If we believe in the data, then each of the quests may be done only once, so each subspec may be learned only once.

    The first mention about "unlearn subspec" was made [URL="http://www.wowwiki.com/Weaponsmithing?direction=next&oldid=1044632"]December 18, 2007[/URL], patch 2.3.0. Wowwiki guarantees nothing, but it's a good hint. Anyway,

    [SIZE=3]community input needed on how the profession subspecifications (ex.: Blacksmith: Weaponsmith=>Swordsmith) were (un)learned[/SIZE].

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    Sorry I was busy, and will be out of town until Friday. I know for a fact you could unlearn the LW skills in vanilla. I do not remember BS unlearning, but I wa snot a warrior and did not focus on BS. There should be NO GOSSIP to learn anything like this. There should be gossip to unlearn the three LW skills. I will check my book when I get back. I have my strategy guide from 2004 or 2005.


    I do know that you CAN drop BS all together and re-level it, and then learn another spec. So when dropping LW or BS, you should also drop your specialization.


    I did a quick search. Just after BC was released they added unlearning. I must be wrong on the LW. The link below states it. I do remember unlearning an entire profession in vanilla to change specializations. I do not remember how long ago that was...

    [url=http://www.wowwiki.com/Patch_2.0.3]Patch 2.0.3[/url]

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    Many thanks, Xenithar :D Very useful input!

    That ties in with the comment in the link by Cabfever (in my last post)

    1) no unlearning in Vanilla
    2) No gossip for learning

    [B]npc_professions.cp[/B]p (all scripts) will need a major overhaul.

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    Now, everything comes back. Yeah, I remember that you had to drop blacksmithing to unlearn axe, sword or mace specialization. And skill everything from scratch.
    Also other quests from the other specialization NPCs shouldn't be accessible when you decided for one spec - because in this way you could possibly learn all specs?

    The "problem" here is, if you drop blacksmithing, you also need to delete the already done quests you had to do to get your specialization before.

    But right now, we are getting somewhere :)

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    Yeah in vanilla you could unlearn any proffession anytime but had to start again at 0. So you could specialize in axesmith, swordsmith or hammersmth. But you only had a choice to unlearn the whole profession, so you lose all blacksmithing recipes you learned and the skill etc... But in TBC they changed it so you could unlearn swordsmithing and still keep blacksmithing and all the recipes except the swordsmith specific ones and you could respec to axesmith or hammersmith and vice-versa. You could also unlearn your whole blacksmith profession aswell.

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    Thanks, Arkadus :) useful input :D

    Gonna have to set aside some time to sort this out properly!

    That reminds me, I need to apply your code updates from way back!!! I'll make that a priority for tomorrow :) That last one went in without any problems :D Not your code (that be perfection is perfected), the damn Gremlins that haunt my PC are the issue :mad: bad, bad gremlins!

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    I wanted one of those so bad when I was a kid. I loved the way they rigged that old lady's chair. Looked like a fun ride!

    Anyway, I am home again, server is booting (yay RAID10!) and I will be provisioning my VM's now. Do you need help with this or are we good now?

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    We now have all the necessary information, thanks, Xenithar. Now it's a matter of getting down and redoing the whole thing properly for Vanilla, and setting aside time to do it.

    I've always been a fan of Gremlins, except for when they mess about with my computers!!! Actually, if they did exist and acted like they do in the films, I'd not care, because I'd be too busy trying not to die from laughter :D

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    [B][COLOR="#008000"][SIZE=3]Blacksmith specialisations fix has now been committed:[/SIZE][/COLOR][/B]


    The scripts linked to the Blacksmithing and Leatherworking specialisations are not needed in Vanilla, so I will now remove them.

    The acquisition of Blacksmithing specailisations now works in the same way as Leatherworking specialisations, in that the spell to learn the specialisation is cast on completion of the quest.

    [B][COLOR="#FF0000"][SIZE=3]STILL TO DO:

    Make sure the specialisation quests are removed from the player character's creature_queststatus table, when the profession is unlearnt.

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