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  • /mounting dispels 'Water Walking'

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      Version: 21.0 Milestone: 20 Priority: Low
      Implemented Version: 0.20

    /mounting dispels 'Water Walking'

    Works fine, both through pots, or thropugh the Shammie spell, until you /mount. It's instantly dispelled when that happens.

    Plooof!!! :)

    Water walking only dispels when damage is taken.

    ( p.s. someone please tell me how to check what build MadMax has uploaded for covenant-wow.com.. i keep ticking 0.21 for lack of knowledge )

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    This is normal in 1.12. How am I so sure, you ask? There are two islands south of Tanaris which are reachable by using a mount while affected by water-walking. I was a shammy, my friend was a druid. We reached them. Rather, he did while I corpse-hopped. He mounted, I cast WW on him, off he went. I cast it on myself and used a running speed potion of some kind (swiftness?). I died twice, he barely made it. I do remember that if I cast WW onto myself and mounted, it would go away. Not sure why.

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    Let's see what others say also. This may have been a potion or something. I have been known to be wrong, but I do remember the long walk to my corpse in fatigue water, TWICE. Still, it was cool out there. They had pirates and goblins on the islands and the oil-rig between them. We even found a rare-spawn on the southern-most island, but I forget its name.

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    I was using the shaman spell. I know they both use the same effect, but perhaps the potion would not dispel when mounting? Also, was this in 1.12? I am positive it was because 60 was max and we were maxed. We just didn't have the epic gear and all.

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    You know you may be right. Maybe the walk was before I hit 40. I seem to recall mounting up and going out there, but I cannot recall if it was pre or post-TBC. We're talking what, nine or ten years ago? I sure wasn't keeping notes!

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    Alright, I found some ancient (crappy) video from my clan back before TBC. Water walking potions and the shaman spell should both work with mounts. Currently, WW works with potions, but mounting DOES dispel the shaman spell, which is incorrect. That needs to be addressed. I attached a picture of my warrior on the ocean using a WW potion, while mounted. We only need fix the shaman spell (perhaps others?).

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