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  • quest 4743 can not complete

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      Version: 21.5.x Milestone: 20 Priority: New
      Implemented Version: 0.20

    quest 4743 can not complete


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    By iltuocapo

    1) Orb of Draconic Energy works on Eberstrife even at 100% health. It should only be useable when the mob reaches 10% health.

    2) Whatever Emberstrife's health is upon mind control is taken, his Flame of the Black Flight ability is unusable. When clicked, an error "Your pet is in combat" is displayed.


    Bug #2  prevents quest to be completed.


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    Adding some more info after more testing


    - On retail, Orb is supposed to be effective when the dragon "Falters", which should happen at 20% health. It supposedly also emotes accordingly. None of this happens on Zero: Orb is useable right from 100% health, and Emberstrife does not emote at 20%.


    - If you bring him down to <20% and MC him, he very rapidly returns to 100% health !!  This is not supposed to happen.

    Seen this, I .damaged him to 1%, mcd, and immediately pushed Flame of the Black Flight. It worked!

    So the fixup could probably be:  AVOID for Emberstrife to regain health when MCd.

    And if we make 1+1 (Orb usable at 100%, Orb making Emberstrife regain health), this sounds like that Orb is the place to look for bugs. I'll investigate on Orb's scripting.


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    Ok it's quite clear that the issue must be "hidden" inside the behaviour of the spell cast by the Orb of Draconic Energy


    Orb's item #  = 12300

    Spell being cast # 16053


    Too bad spell definitions are not reported in the db, but closed inside the cryptical .dbc files.

    Any one has a clue here ?


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