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1 minute ago, madmax said:

Welcome and good luck with the nix NAS. If you manage to get it working don't forget to write down what you did :)

I have an OpenMediaVault VM as a tester for a new NAS build I've been working on.  I currently have a Synology NAS which I want to eventually replace.  I am running my build on the OMV VM right now (omv uses debian as a base), and would like to port it over to the Syno but I am really not sure it will work.  We shall see 

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Well i got it to work.  The torrent I used for the extractor had the wow.exe renamed, and I did not realize that.  I spent forever figuring that out.  Another stepping stone for me was that my debian distro did not come with aptitude, only apt-get; another small hurdle.  The build script actually worked pretty well otherwise.

But the biggest thing that helped me in getting this to work in Synology was deblian-chroot from the SynoCommunity group, builder of 3rd party packages for Synology.  debian-chroot basically sets up a shell of a debian environment inside Synology.  

With that, it allowed me to mount the attached nas disks inside the chroot environment, setup the "mangos" bash shell user, install all the dependencies, install screen for the "mangos" user to run, and probably the most important part was setting up a SSH daemon inside the debian-chroot so I can SSH directly into debian-chroot.

Awesome.  The one thing i did however was doing the DB inserts separately, on synology.  

EDIT: the next time I build this, I will probably do the entire thing from inside the debian-chroot environment.  It should be pretty straight forward, I'm thinking

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