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Npc spawn requires server restart?




I am having problems with .npc add and .npc move on latest mangos zero branch. If I spawn an npc inside instance, it disappears on unbinding said instance. The spawned mob will only appear again if I restart the server.

The same goes for .npc move. Nothing seems to happen when I try to move a creature, it's only on next restart that I can see the changes.

Is this a known issue? I'm certain that on TrinityCore, these changes are instantly affective and apparent without restarting.

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Hi dves,

The npc move was known for m2 at least, not the npc add. Have you tried 'npc add' out of Dungeons?

I'm currently working on the npc move command for m2, pls use bug tracker and add issues you found for m0 so we can track them and assign to devs.

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