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For those of you who are reading this that contribute and are project managers, administrators, developers, scripters, coders, players and researchers: Why do you contribute to the project?

Personally, I know the content in the Zero core the best, and that is why that is where I focus my efforts. I know where to find legitimate content from that time period and I want to be able to help the Zero core to as much a 'Blizzlike' state as is humanly possible. What I enjoy most is actually hunting for the small details that may be missing or slightly off. I use old WoW videos ranging from 2005 to the end of 2006 to gather as much information as I can by seeing things in action, as well as referencing the game guides and old database websites. For me, this is a relaxing hobby, and I enjoy the community and the many ways people can contribute.

I personally am not a good coder, but I am a very good researcher. So using my research skills to provide information to those who are able to implement code-level fixes is something I can contribute and enjoy doing so. How about everybody else? Why is this your 'passion project'?

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For me.... I first found mangos shortly after starting to play wow on official servers (pre TBC).

I ended up setting up a server, then allowing my guild mates to join it so that we could practise raids and instances before getting our a$$ kicked on official servers.
- I fell in love with it then and have been part of mangos ever since.

I also enjoy helping and encouraging people to further their knowledge and mangos is a fun way to do that.


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