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Various items missing in MangosOne



I am on the current master branch of MangosOne (server commit 94859bd and database commit 8f41391). I am using Debian 10 x86_64 with MariaDB 10.3.22. I found that some items in the world are missing, such as mailboxes and treasure chests. An example of this is the mailbox in Goldshire or the treasure chests in Echo Ridge next to Northshire Abbey. I will note any other world items missing as I find them, unless of course its a fix that would correct all of them.

Thank you for your help

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I found a way to get them both working. Heres what I did:

1. I rode the working tram to Iron Forge (the farthest one)

2. Once I made it to Iron Forge, the second tram (which would be the closest one in Stormwind) appeared and I rode it back to Stormwind.

3. Once I made it back to Stormwind, I waited and confirmed that both work now.

That appears to have primed whatever logic controls them.

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Could someone try something for me... on zero we have a system called living world which can be set in mangos.conf.

Could someone set this to load the mapid for deep run tram and see whether that fixes the issue.

Also try setting the loadallgridsonmap setting

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