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Potential New Team Members

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First of all I would like to mention two names that in my opinion have earned their right to join the team already:

- Ambal

- Mirek

Second, there are some people who I'm not sure about, but look like good candidates:

- Alex/AT

- Influenza

- Trogvar

- MeanMachine

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I agree with Wyk3d about Ambal

I think Mirek atempt somtime fix in hack way but he good in debug and finding mangos problems.

Alex/AT - author instance system and maybe good also for team

Influenza - author of most new pet code BUT we will do many changes in fuature for fix hacking style of added code :/ memory leaks, not checked pointer casts and etc.

I think access to svn isn't bonus for work but _help_to_project_ in more fast get into svn good patches.

And if author suggest patch required fix/rewrite before adding then access to svn not for he at this moment wihtout dependence from amount and importance accepted patches.

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And another bump .. theluda I see you log in but why do you not read or reply to these threads ? I am sorry for being pushy, I know you are busy and all, but if you have time use it for what is important please. You can always consider posts in this section as being important.

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How about Deviss?

I see that dude involved in nearly 80% of all threads made xD He knows quite alot.[/b]

i would agree with Deviss for mod. The guys always been helpful and does seem to know what he's talking about.

but we need to send the search party out for TheLuda first :P

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